Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom, Ph.D.

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Phone: 919-684-5181

B238 LSRC Building
Box 3813
Durham, NC 27710

Email: schwartz DOT bloom AT duke DOT edu

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Pharmacology & Cancer Biology, School of Medicine

DIBS Faculty

Research Description

Dr. Schwartz-Bloom has moved from her 20 year research program in neurodegeneration and neuroprotection to research in science education, with a focus on neuropharmacology and high school and early college learning.

She is the Director of the Duke Center for Science Education and Undergraduate Studies in Pharmacology.


Staff Fellow (Postdoctoral Fellow), Section on Molecular Pharmacology, Clinical Neuroscience Branch, NIMH, 1983-1986

Ph.D., Georgetown University (Pharmacology), 1983

M.S., George Washington University (Forensic Toxicology), 1977

B.A., Ithaca College (Chemistry), 1974

Recent Publications

EA Godin, N Kwiek, S Sikes, MJ Halpin, C Weinbaum, LF Burgette, JR Reiter and RD Schwartz-Bloom. The Alcohol Pharmacology Education Partnership: Using chemistry and biology concepts to educate high school students about alcohol. J. Chem. Ed. (in press, 2013)

RD Schwartz-Bloom, MJ Halpin, and JR Reiter. Teaching high school chemistry in the context of pharmacology helps both teachers and students learn. J. Chem. Ed. 88:744-750, 2011.

NC Kwiek, MJ Halpin, JC Reiter, LA Hoeffler, and RD Schwartz-Bloom. Pharmacology in the High School Classroom. Science 317: 1871-1872, 2007.

Research Areas

Research Topics

  • Neuroscience & pharmacology education
  • Visualization & multimedia in education