Dan Ariely, Ph.D.

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Phone: 919-660-7703

2024 W. Main Street
Box 90420
Durham NC 27708

Email: dandan AT duke DOT edu

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James B. Duke Professor of Psychology Behavorial Economics

Center for Cognitive Neuroscience; Kenan Institute for Ethics

Business, Fuqua School of Business

DIBS Faculty, Member, DIBS Center, D-CIDES Member

Research Description

As a behavioral economist I study how people actually act in the marketplace, as opposed to how they should or would perform if they were completely rational.

I study a wide range of daily behaviors such as buying (or not), saving (or not), ordering food in restaurants, pain management, procrastination, dishonesty, and decision making under different emotional states.


Ph.D., Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business, Business Administration, 1998.

Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Cognitive Psychology, 1996

M.A., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Cognitive Psychology, 1994

B.A., Tel Aviv University (Israel), Psychology, 1991

Recent Publications

On Amir and Dan Ariely (2008). Resting on Laurels: The Effects of Discrete Progress Markers as Subgoals on Task Performance and Preferences. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. 34(5): 1158-1171,

On Amir, Dan Ariely and Ziv Carmon (2008). The Dissociation Between Monetary Assessment and Predicted Utility. Marketing Science. 27(6): 1055-1064.

On Amir, Dan Ariely and Nina Mazar (2008). The Dishonesty of Honest People: A Theory of Self-Concept Maintenance. Journal of Marketing Research. 45:633-634.

Research Areas

Research Topics

  • Irrationality
  • Behavioral economics